Into Darkness Falls A Star

“His sword was long, his lance was keen.
His shining helm afar was seen;
the countless stars of heaven’s field
were mirrored in his silver shield.”

lotroclient64 2020-05-08 01-26-40-95

The Black Book of Mordor takes us through, well, Mordor as its title suggests, but what I didn’t expect was experiencing Mordor Besieged during the questline, and I was pleasantly surprised as I watched the tale unfold.

The Glánnothrim — the Bright Company stood out against the dark and dreary backdrop of Mordor in their brilliant white armour, a very refreshing and welcoming sight to behold.

lotroclient64 2020-05-08 01-18-14-70

This outfit was one of those that caused levels of frustration unseen before in the many that I’ve made. I originally intended for it to have more of a “fit and flare” silhouette similar to that of the armour of the Bright Company, but nothing seemed right even after spending hours trying to find the perfect chestpiece: most of the pieces I tried either obscured the boots (which I wanted to show off the details of), didn’t dye right, or simply didn’t match with the rest.

I eventually departed from that idea and tried something else entirely different. Instead of trying to shoehorn something that looks out of place just to achieve that silhouette, I changed it completely for a much more sleek and streamlined shape with the chestplate bartered from Dwarves of Erebor, and it worked like a charm.

lotroclient64 2020-05-08 01-23-15-44

Now onto dye and colour! The Bright Company were all clad in white, and while it was certainly fitting, it wasn’t very imaginative. I settled on a white colour scheme with gold accents to make things a little more interesting.

lotroclient64 2020-05-08 01-35-02-81

I chose the Brilliant mask in particular as its subtle hues matches those of the boots. The battered plate and mail of the chestpiece adds an extra touch of grimness, but is softened slightly by the flowing cloak, which is just as weathered. The shoulderpiece and gauntlets ensure that the outfit still boasts an Elvish flair, while complimenting the pointed details on the boots and chestpiece. The look is complete with a star-emblazoned shield and a deadly blade of Elven-make.

lotroclient64 2020-05-08 01-22-20-00

This warden has seen many battles and weathered many storms, but her sword and shield-arm remain strong, even in the face of such evil.

As long as the stars shine.

lotroclient64 2020-05-08 01-28-10-20

Head: Brilliant Forest Defender’s Hooded Mask, white dye (Curator barter OR Adventurer’s Steel-bound Lootbox drop)

Shoulders: Ceremonial Shoulders of the Whirlwind, white dye (Skirmish cosmetics barter)

Chest: Reinforced Chestplate of Thorin’s Strength,white dye (Dwarves of Erebor barter)

Hands: Battle-leader’s Gauntlets – level 65, Moria silver dye (Skirmish classic barter)

Legs: N/A

Feet: Boots of the Erebor Shadow-fighter, Moria silver dye (Skirmish heavy armour barter)

Back: Legolas’ Cloak, default dye (Anniversary Scavenger Hunt, Year 7 reward)

Sword: Angolgrist (Epic Volume III, Book 4 reward)

Shield: Blackroot Tempered Heavy Shield (Blackroot Vale quest reward)

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